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City of DuPont

1700 Civic Drive, DuPont, WA, 98327, US


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Vaccination Record. NOTE: If a puppy under 6 months of age, submit documentation of booster vaccinations (Rabies not required). Some of these records may state a pet as neutered (N) or Spayed (S) under animal's sex/ gender. This is an acceptable form of documentation of the surgery. A scan of the original, a PDF or a legible photo of the original form is acceptable. Click Here to Upload
Spay/ Neuter Documentation Click Here to Upload
Vet note stating reason of no Spay/ Neuter if pet is over 1 year of age. Click Here to Upload
Is your dog considered "Dangerous" or "Potentially Dangerous"? You will need to attach your renewal form which was provided by City of Lakewood. Either scan or take a legible photo of the form and attach it here. NOTE: failure to submit documentation of a Dangerous of Potentially Dangerous Dog may result in a fine. Click Here to Upload